SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Shortcuts

SQL Server Management Studio is a powerful software that can help to design and development of database as well help in maintenance and administrative works too.

Change Selected Database

Ctrl + U: Once you are in the Sql Editor, pressing Ctrl + U selects the database dropdown in the Sql Editor toolbar. You can then use the arrow keys to change your current database, and pressing the Esc key takes you back to the editor.

Display Estimated Query Execution plan: Ctrl + L

Toggle Results Pane: Ctrl + R

Insert Code Snippets: Ctrl + K, Ctrl + X

Activate Autocomplete: Ctrl + Space

Clipboard ring
Ctrl + Shift + V: Cycle through clipboard ring

Navigate in code editor
Ctrl + ]: Navigate to matching parenthesis
Ctrl + –: Navigate to last cursor location
Ctrl + Shift + –: Navigate forward to cursor location

Comment code
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + C: Comments selected text
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + U: Uncomments selected text

Block (multi line) Select
Shift + Alt + Aero key : type or replace char

Tools-> option

Tools -> option
Environment -> keyboard -> Query shortcuts
Help to setup user define commandsSSMS query shortcut option

Ctrl + K, Ctrl + K: Toggle Bookmark
Ctrl + K, Ctrl + N: Go to Next Bookmark

Enter Full Screen
Shift + Alt + Enter: View Code Editor in Full Screen

Download link for SSMS 18.2 https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2099720

Refrence Link https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/ssms/download-sql-server-management-studio-ssms?view=sql-server-2017


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