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We provide auxiliary support, that your server infrastructure deserves!

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Who We Are

We love your Server environment,
just as you do!

I Make SQL Server environment in good and stable condition. I started my career in 1997 with Fox Pro developer then full time DBA /Developer. I have developed tables and database splitting (partition) to easier the management of databases. I worked on backup strategies, Performance tuning and query optimization, SQL Server Configuration, Reporting server configuration and development, Replication, Mirroring, Log shipping, Login & user security, Migration etc.

Monitor and audit your Server and infrastructure, Anytime, Anywhere!

We will monitor your server and database on behalf of you as very low cost. We will check your performance as well provide development tips to run server in good shape.

Choose how you want us to care for your Database & Servers!

We will do hosting your database at cost and good server or will manage your server/database in your premises at your time.

Himanshu Patel Database Development

Database development

Organize database object in such a meaner that provide maximum performance of your database application. We are having expertise in Database objects like File, File group, Page, Extent, Table, Index, Primary key, Foreign key, Trigger, CLR, Partition, Statistics, User, Role, Procedure, Function, View etc.

Himanshu Patel with Database Design

Server and Database maintainance

Provide dedicated support to you SQL server infrastructure. Having expertise in SQL troubleshooting, query tuning, linking server and that performance. Replication, Mirroring, Log shipping, Backup solution, disk and server configuration.

Himanshu Patel with reporting

Reporting Development

We will provide development and support in Microsoft reporting service and Crystal report. We have good skill for report development with powerful presentation using different type of charts and metrics.

Performance Tuning

MS SQL Server is a relational database management system whose wide range of transaction processing, business intelligence and analytics applications allows us to rely on it for data storage and access. Any performance degradation or unavailability of these servers can not only severely impact the performance of the entire service, but also result in customer dissatisfaction, trust and lost revenue. For optimal SQL server management, it's necessary to monitor certain parameters which play a major role in your system performance.